TOP BARN RULES :Quoted as shown on Facebook Group


The Top Barn 12 week challenge is our social media motivational support group running from the 1st Monday in Jan, through to the end of March.

The challenge has ran for the last 2 years and always find it to be hugely supportive and a tonne of fun, whilst also giving people the motivational boost needed to get through Winter.

This years start date is Monday 6th January 2020.

Getting Started

Having joined our fb group, decide and state which challenge you are going to do ( Details below ) and introduce yourself.

If you opt for Premium membership you are required to make payment to on paypal at this point

Membership is just £10 if via friends and family-£10.53 if via goods and services. Ref:TB12WC, followed by your name ( which MUST match your fb name )

What do I do now ?

Decide how many hours a week you would like to pledge towards doing stuff with your horse, this will determine which level to do.

  • Bronze – 3 hours per week
  • Silver – 5 Hours per week
  • Gold – 7 Hours per week
  • Platinum – 10 hours per week
  • -Hours can be made up with ground work and/or ridden activities , however, grooming can not be included.

    Each challenge level comes with the requirement to complete a number of mini challenges, you have the whole 12 week duration to complete these.

  • Bronze – No mini challenges required
  • Silver – 2 Mini Challenges
  • Gold - 5 Mini Challenges
  • Platinum -10 Mini Challenges

    If you want to push yourself by having an extra challenge then opt to go PLUS on your challenge level. ( Bronze plus, silver plus etc ).

    Being a PLUS challenger- Each week you will see a small task posted on the group for you to complete, these tasks will be a surprise but should be manageable by most.

    Finally, you can decide if you want to become a premium member or remain as a standard member.

    Premium membership is brand new for this year and gives members added extras

  • -Extra support via our Sunday weekly Q&A session.
  • More prizes!!!!!- (Kindly donated by our fabulous sponsors)
  • Special Awards

  • £10 voucher to spend on Top Barn Services here ( excluding visiting instructor clinics )
  • ***A donation will be made to Centred Horseplay based at Top Barn***

    (A horse based intervention programme assisting troubled children and adults with poor mental, emotional and thinking skills)

    Holiday/sickness/injury procedure is as follows;

    During the 12 week challenge we understand that you may be faced with holidays, illness or injury. So, all challengers may take 1 week off as a holiday (you are not required to do anything on this week ), then 1 other week as a rollover week.

    Rollover weeks are where the hours missed must be made up over the rest of the duration.

    This challenge works on an honesty policy, although we do ask that you update the group with your progress as regularly as possible for us to check.

    Once the challenge starts the gates close and the group will become hidden to ensure everyone starts at the same time.

    From Top Barn 12 wk challenge Facebook page...

    So , the clarification part .....

    The challenge hours are not on a pro rata basis . If you are short of your hours on a week you can’t make up else where , UNLESS .......

    1- You declare it a roll over week - you can then make the shortfall up elsewhere or use anything banked from being over a previous week .

    2- You declare it a holiday - Then it does not have to be made up .

    **You only have 1 of each to use.

    From messages:
  • Plus challenges (time) do count towards your weekly totals
  • Plus challenges do not have to be filmed (but nice to have)